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Call it the night1969Blue Moon CDBM 070
Can I say hello1950Crown LP 5232
Can't stop groovin'1976Ornament LP 7-104
Can't you see what you're doin' to me1961Muse LP 5205
Canal street blues1949Sensation 26
Canal street blues1960Vee-Jay LP 1023
Canal Street is the largest street I know1966Unissued
Candy kitchen1972Gitanes 517 514-2
Catfish (Take 1)1951Gotham 515
Catfish1966MCA CD 9329
Catfish blues1951Flyright CD 57
Catfish blues1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
CC Rider1961Muse LP 5205
Cheatin' on me1991Alligator ALCD 4801
Chicken and gravy1977Just A Memory RSC 0001
Child's prayer1951Unissued
Chill out1991Pointblank 8 40107 2
Christmas time blues1949Krazy Kat KK 200
Church bell tone1959Riverside RLP 12-838
Cold chills1952Greene Bottle LP 3130
Cold chills1952Greene Bottle LP 3130
Cold chills1952Modern 862
Cold chills1969Black And Blue LP 333023
Cold chills all over me1952Greene Bottle LP 3130
Cold chills all over me1952Greene Bottle LP 3130
Cold chills all over me1952Modern 862
Collage: a) I know how to rock1974ABC LP 838
Collage: b) Nothin' but the best1974ABC LP 838
Collage: c) The Scratch1974ABC LP 838
Collage: d) Sally Mae1974ABC LP 838
Come and ride with me1960Unissued
Come and see about me1951Flyright CD 57
Come back baby1950Modern 20-790
Come back baby1960Charly CD DIG 5
Come back baby (Let's talk it over)1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
Come on and see about me1960Riverside RLP 12-321
Come on baby1969Carson LP 3662
Coming to town1990Antilles 422-846813-2
Cool little car1952Modern 942
Cotton pickin' blues1949Krazy Kat KK 200
Cotton pickin' boogie1949Krazy Kat KK 200
Country boy1965Impulse LP 9103
Country boy1971ABC LP 736
Crawlin' black spider1957Top Rank RES 136
Crawlin' king snake1948Modern 20-714
Crawlin' king snake (Alt. Take)1948United Artists LP 127
Crawlin' king snake1959Vee-Jay 331
Crawlin' king snake1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
Crawlin' king snake1976Ornament LP 7-104
Crawlin' king snake1976Tomato CD 2696602
Crawlin' king snake1977Tomato LP 2696141
Crawlin' king snake1983Eagle Records 0895534
Crawlin' king snake1990Eagle Records 0895534
Crawlin' kingsnake1959Vee-Jay 331
Crawlin' kingsnake1990Chameleon/Dali DD-89025
Crawlin' kingsnake1991Pointblank 91724-2
Crawling king snake blues1948Modern 20-714
Crawling kingsnake1948Modern 20-714
Crazy 'bout you1969Black And Blue CD 59.023 2
Crazy about that walk1960Fortune 855
Crazy bout that woman (Alt. Take)1948Greene Bottle LP 3130
Crazy mixed up world1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
Cruel little baby1962Fantasy LP 24706
Cry baby1954Fortune 853
Cry baby cry1954Fortune 853
Cry before I go1967BluesWay 61014
Crying all night (Alt. Take)1950United Artists LP 5512
Curl my baby's hair1949Fortune 846
Cuttin' out1987Chameleon D2-74808
Dark room1976Labor 4
Dazie Mae1969Carson C-1662
Dead wagon1978Lunar#2 Recordings L2S-2008
Decoration day1965Impulse LP 9103
Decoration day1987/1988Shout! Factory 8 26663 10328
Decoration day blues1950Sensation 33
Deep blue sea1966MCA CD 9329
Deep blue sea1987Pointblank 8 40107 2
Deep down in my heart1961Galaxy LP 201
Della Mae1965Fontana LP 681529
Della Mae (Alt. Take)1965ACT 9204-4
Della Mae (Outtake)1965ACT 9204-4
Della May1965Fontana LP 681529
Della May (Alt. Take)1965ACT 9204-4
Democrat man1960Riverside RLP 12-321
Devil's jump1949King 4315
Dimples1956Vee-Jay 205
Dimples1992Shout! Factory 8 26663 10329
Dimples1993Eagle Records ER 20023-2
Dimples1996Pointblank 8 42771 2
Dirty ground hog1960Charly CPCD 8242-2
Do my baby think of me1951Specialty LP 2125
Do my baby think of me (Alt. Take)1951United Artists LP 127
Do the boogie1949Acorn 308
Doin' the shout1970ABC LP 720
Don't be messin' with my bread1964Planet 114
Don't be messing around with my bread1964Planet 114
Don't get tired1956Unissued
Don't go baby1949King 4334
Don't look back1963Vee-Jay 575
Don't look back1991Unissued
Don't look back1996Pointblank 8 42771 2
Don't make me no never mind1985Qwest LP 2-25356-1
Don't take your wife's family in1954Specialty LP 2149
Don't trust nobody1954Specialty LP 2117
Don't trust your woman1949Unissued
Don't turn me away1966Unissued
Don't turn me away from your door1961Atco LP 151
Don't turn me from your door1961Atco LP 151
Don't you remember me1950Crown LP 5232
Don't you remember me (Alt. Take)1950Greene Bottle LP 3130
Don't you remember me (Take 1)1950King 4366
Down at the landing1952Chess LP 1438
Down child1954Modern 923
Down so long1948Krazy Kat KK 200
Down so low1991Shout! Factory 8 26663 10327
Dream a number1949Modern 20-730
Dreamin' blues1951Chess LP 1454
Drifter1970Liberty LP 35002
Driftin' and driftin'1962Galaxy LP 8205
Driftin' blues1991Pointblank 262791
Drifting blues1961Atco LP 151
Drifting blues1962Galaxy LP 8205
Drifting from door to door1948Modern 20-714
Drive me away1958Charly LP 1029
Drug store woman1961Vee-Jay 438
Drug store woman1977Tomato LP 7009
Dusty road1960Vee-Jay 366
Dusty road1960Vee-Jay LP 1033
Early one morning1980/1981Pausa PR 7197
Elizabeth200133rd Street Records 3304
End credits1990Antilles 422-846813-2
Endless boogie Pts. 27 and 281970ABC LP 720
Every night1956Vee-Jay 188
Everybody rockin'1957Top Rank RES 136
Everybody's blues1954Specialty 528
Ezekiel saw the wheel1951Flyright CD 57
Face to face1996-2001Eagle Records ER 20023-2
Father was a jockey1991Pointblank 91724-2
Feed her all night1951Krazy Kat KK 816
Feed her all night (Alt. Take)1951Unissued
Feel good1976Tomato CD 2696602
Feel good1977Tomato LP 2696141
Feel like going home1966Unissued
Feel so bad1968Stax LP 2013
Find me a woman1951Kent LP 9006
Fire at Natchez1961Galaxy LP 201
Fire down below1992Shout! Factory 8 26663 10327
Five long years1960Vee-Jay LP 1033
Five long years1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
Five long years1974ABC LP 838
Flowers on the hour1964Vee-Jay 708
Forgive me1949United Artists LP 5512
Four women (Alt. Take)1951United Artists LP 127
Four women in my life1951Modern 829
Freight train be my friend1960Vee-Jay LP 1033
Freight train be my friend1963Vee-Jay LP 1078
Frisco1962Vee-Jay 493
Frisco blues1962Vee-Jay 493
Frisco blues1996Pointblank 8 42771 2
Funky Mabel1996-2001Eagle Records ER 20023-2
Get back home in the USA1969Black And Blue LP 333023
Girl you don't want me baby1964Planet 114
Give me your phone number1950Modern 20-767
Give me your phone number (Alt. Take)1950Greene Bottle LP 3130
Give me your phone number (Alt. Take)1950Ace JLHBOX 019
Gloria1993Exile/Polydor 519219-2
Go back to school1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
Go back to school little girl1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
Goin' down slow1948Savoy LP 2255
Goin' home blues1948Savoy LP 2255
Goin' mad blues1948Regent 1001
Goin' on highway #511950Sensation 30
Goin' south (Take 1)1953Chart 609
Goin' to California1960Vee-Jay LP 1023
Goin' to California1976Ornament LP 7-104
Goin' to Louisiana1961Stax LP 2013
Goin’ down Highway 511950Sensation 30
Going down1971ABC LP 768
Going home1969Carson LP 3662
Gonna boogie1954Modern 923
Gonna use my rod1960Riverside RLP 12-321
Gonna Walk away from here1966Unissued
Good business1948Krazy Kat KK 200
Good mornin', lil' school girl1959Riverside RLP 12-838
Good rockin' mama (Take 3)1952Modern 862
Good rockin' mamma1962Vee-Jay LP 1058
Good rocking mama1962Vee-Jay LP 1058
Goodbye California1948Specialty LP 2127
Gotta boogie1954Modern 923
Graveyard blues1949Specialty LP 2125
Graveyard blues1949Chance 1110
Graveyard blues1959Riverside RLP 008
Great fire of Natchez1963Vee-Jay LP 1078
Grievin' blues1948Savoy LP 2255
Grievin' blues1949Danceland 403
Grinder man1950Specialty LP 2127
Grinder man (Alt. Take)1950United Artists LP 127
Grinder man (Alt. Take)1950Greene Bottle LP 3130
Grinder man1961Stax 0053
Ground hog blues1951Krazy Kat KK 816
Ground hog blues1951Chess 1482
Guilty of love2001Dixie Frog CD 8524
Guitar blues1951Flyright CD 57
Guitar Lovin' Man (Take 1)1953Rockin' 524