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T.B.1976Tomato CD 2696602
T.B. is killing me1949Modern 20-746
T.B. is killing me1962Galaxy LP 8205
T.B. is killing me1969Black And Blue LP 333023
T.B. sheets1971ABC LP 736
T.B. sheets1977Tomato LP 7009
T.B. sheets1978Lunar#2 Recordings L2S-2008
Take a look at yourself1962Vee-Jay 493
Take me as I am1960Vee-Jay 397
Talk about your baby1961Atco LP 151
Talk that talk baby1963Vee-Jay LP 1078
Talk to your daughter1969America Records 30 AM 6101
Talkin' boogie1949Chance 1108
Talkin' 'bout my baby1961Guest Star LP 1902
Talkin' the blues1995Pointblank 8 40107 2
Talking boogie1948Savoy 5558
Tantalizing with the blues1968BluesWay LP 6023
Taxi driver1954Modern 958
Taxi driver1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
Teachin' the blues1961Guest Star LP 1902
Tease me baby1951Modern 829
Tease me baby (Alt. Take)1951Greene Bottle LP 3130
Tease me baby1981Rhino RNLP 801
Tease your daddy1951Modern 829
Teasin' me1961Muse LP 5205
Tell me baby1954Fortune 853
Tell me you love me1971ABC LP 768
Tell you a story1961Galaxy LP 201
Tennessee blues1959Vee-Jay 319
Terraplane blues1987Blind Pig BP72687
That's all right1952RPM 367
That's all right1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
That's all right boogie (Version)1952Ace JLHBOX 019
That's alright1989Chameleon D2-74808
That's my story1960Riverside RLP 12-321
The blues medley1984Warner/Curb 9 25088-2
The blues will never die1992Pointblank 8 910030 2
The feelin' is gone1970Liberty LP 35002
The great disaster of 19361961Galaxy LP 201
The healer1988Chameleon D2-74808
The healer1990Eagle Records 0895534
The healing game1996Pointblank 8 42771 2
The hobo1960Vee-Jay LP 1033
The hobo blues1960Vee-Jay LP 1033
The Hookers (If you miss 'im ...I got 'im)1969BluesWay LP 6038
The journey1952Chess LP 1454
The mighty fire1963Vee-Jay LP 1078
The moon above1949Greene Bottle LP 3130
The motor city is burning1967BluesWay 61010
The numbers1949King 4315
The Rehersal (for It's a sin to be rich)1972Gitanes 517 514-2
The right time1962Brunswick 009012
The road is so rough1956Vee-Jay 233
The story of a married woman (Alt. Take)1950United Artists LP 127
The story of a married woman (Alt. Take)1950Ace JLHBOX 019
The sweetest girl I know1961Galaxy LP 201
The syndicator1954Modern 966
The things I tell you to do1969America Records 30 AM 6101
The things I used to do1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
The waterfront1966Chess LP 1508
The winding highway1961Galaxy LP 201
The world today1970Liberty LP 35002
Thelma1961Vee-Jay LP 1043
Thelma (Alt. Take)1961Craft Recordings CR00545
There's a day comin' baby1948Modern 20-627
There's gonna be some blues1992Sky Ranch SR 652331
Things gonna change1991Pointblank 8 40107 2
Think twice before you go1967BluesWay 61017
Think twice before you go1989Chameleon D2-74808
Thinking blues (Take 2)1950King 4377
Third degree1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
This is 19 and 52 babe1951Modern 847
This is hip1963Charly LP 1004
This is hip1991Pointblank 91724-2
This land is nobody's land1966MCA CD 9329
This world1962Galaxy LP 8205
This world (No mans land)1962Galaxy LP 8205
Thought I heard1992Pointblank 7 86553 2
Three long years today1950Specialty LP 2125
Three voice original mood (Version 1)1951Modern 835
Throw my money around (Undubbed Version)1951Greene Bottle LP 3130
Throw this old dog a bone (Alt. Take)1950United Artists LP 5512
Time and a half1956Unissued
Time for my lovin' to be done1952RPM 367
Time is marching1955Vee-Jay 164
Time is marchng on1955Vee-Jay 164
Tired of being your doggie1976Tomato CD 2696602
Too much boogie1953Modern 916
Too young1995Pointblank 8 40107 2
Travelin' day and night1961Galaxy LP 201
Travellin' blues1996Pointblank 8 42771 2
Trick bag (Shoppin' for my tombstone)1992Pointblank 7 86553 2
Trouble blues1956Vee-Jay 188
Trouble in mind1951Flyright CD 57
Troubles in my home1961Galaxy LP 201
Trying to find a woman1958Charly CR RED 6
Trying to survive1976Tomato CD 2696602
TS boogie1993Blue Rock It BRCD 115
Tuesday evening1949Krazy Kat KK 200
Tupelo1960Charly CD DIG 5
Tupelo1960Vee-Jay 366
Tupelo1963Vee-Jay LP 1078
Tupelo1977Tomato LP 7009
Tupelo1993Pointblank 8 40107 2
Tupelo blues1959Riverside RLP 12-838
Tuplo1963Vee-Jay LP 1078
Turn over a new leaf1996-2001Eagle Records ER 20023-2
Turn over a new leaf (1952 blues)1951Modern 847
Turning gray blues1950United Artists LP 5512
Twist ain't nothin' but the old time shimmy1968BluesWay LP 6023
Twister blues1948Savoy LP 2255
Two voice original mood (Version 3)1951United Artists LP 127
Two white horses1951Flyright CD 57
Two white horses1961Guest Star LP 1902
Unfriendly woman1955Vee-Jay 265
Union station1951Unissued
Union station blues1951Chess 1505
Unkown title1951Unissued
Untitled slow blues1951Flyright CD 57
Up and down1991Pointblank 8 92772 2
Walkin' the boogie1952Chess 1513
Walkin' the boogie (Alt. Take)1952Chess CH 8203
Walkin' this highway1950Specialty LP 2125
Walking the floor1969Unissued
Wanderin' all alone1966Unissued
Wandering blues1949King 4334
Wandering blues1950Staff 710
Want ad blues1961Vee-Jay 397
Want ad blues1966MCA CD 9329
Want ad blues1967BluesWay 61010
War is over1948Krazy Kat KK 200
War is over1948Specialty LP 2127
War is over (Alt. Take)1948Greene Bottle LP 3130
War is over (Alt. Take)1948Ace JLHBOX 019
Wasted years1993Exile/Polydor 519219-2
Water boy1951Flyright CD 57
Water boy1959Riverside RLP 12-838
Waterfront1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
Wayne County ramblin' blues1949Danceland 403
We gonna make everything alright1949Krazy Kat KK 200
We might as well call it through1970ABC LP 720
We might as well say we're through1961Galaxy LP 201
We'll meet again1986Pausa PR 7197
We're all God's chillun1960Fortune 855
We're cooking1969Blue Moon CDBM 070
We're cooking1969Carson LP 3662
We've gotta die someday1966Unissued
Wednesday evenin' blues1960Riverside RLP 12-321
Wednesday evening1948United Artists LP 5512
Wednesday evening1949Modern 20-746
Wednesday evening blues1948Krazy Kat KK 200
Wednesday evening blues1960Vee-Jay LP 1033
Wednesday evening blues1991Unissued
Wednesday evening blues1996-2001Eagle Records ER 20023-2
Weeping willow1949Modern 20-688
Weeping willow boogie1949Modern 20-688
Weeping willow boogie (Alt. Take)1949United Artists LP 127
Weeping willow boogie1959Riverside RLP 12-838
Welfare blues (Alt. Take)1950United Artists LP 5512
Well I got to leave (Alt. Take)1949United Artists LP 127
Well well1980/1981Pausa PR 7197
What do you say1961Vee-Jay LP 1043
What the matter baby1969America Records 30 AM 6101
What'd I say1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
What's the matter baby1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
What's the matter baby1972ABC LP 761
Wheel and deal1955Top Rank RES 136
When I lay my burden down1960Craft Recordings CR00015
When I started hoboing1956Vee-Jay 233
When my first wife left me1948Modern 20-714
When my first wife left me1966BluesWay LP 6002
When my first wife left me1969Black And Blue LP 333023
When my first wife left me1976Labor 4
When my first wife left me1977Tomato LP 7009
When my first wife left me1980/1981Pausa PR 7197
When my first wife quit me1948Unissued
When my first wife quit me1961Savoy MG 16000
When my first wife quit me1969Jazz Odyssey LP 005
When my wife quit me1948Unissued
When my wife quit me1961Savoy MG 16000
Where did you stay last night1951Krazy Kat KK 816
Whiskey and wimmen1960Vee-Jay LP 1023
Whiskey and wimmen1970Liberty LP 35002
Whiskey wimmen1960Vee-Jay LP 1023
Whisky and woman1960Vee-Jay LP 1023
Whistle done blown1951United Artists LP 5512
Whistlin' and moanin' blues1949Modern 20-688
Who's been jivin' you1948King LP 885
Why put me down1969America Records 30 AM 6101
Will the circle be unbroken1961Dynasty LP 7301
Wobblin' baby1959Riverside RLP 12-838
Wobbling baby (Take 1)1953Chart 609
Wobbling baby (Take 1)1953Rockin' 525
Woman on my mind1995Pointblank 8 40107 2
Women and money1952Chess 1562
Women in my life1951Modern 829
Women in my life (Alt. Take)1951United Artists LP 127
Worried life blues1952Chess LP 1454
Worried life blues1980/1981Pausa PR 7197
Worried life blues1983Eagle Records 0895534
Wrong doin' woman1958Charly LP 1029
Yes, baby, baby, baby1952Modern 876
You ain't no big thing1964Dynasty LP 7301
You ain't to old to shift them gears1976Tomato CD 2696602
You been dealin' with the devil1962Fantasy LP 24706
You can lead me baby1957Vee-Jay 265
You can run baby1964Dynasty LP 7301
You don't miss your water1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
You don't move me baby1962Fantasy LP 24706
You gonna miss me1962Galaxy LP 8205
You gotta reap what you sow1961Atco LP 151
You gotta shake it up and go1961Galaxy LP 201
You have two hearts1952MCA CHD2-9391
You know I love you1962Vee-Jay LP 1058
You know it ain't right1977Tomato LP 7009
You know, I know1966Chess LP 1508
You live your life and I'll live mine1959Riverside RLP 008
You lost a good man1961Atco LP 151
You move me1969America Records 30 AM 6101
You receive me1954Modern 958
You shook me1993MCA MCD 10710
You sure look good to me (Alt. Take)1950Greene Bottle LP 3130
You talk too much1970Liberty LP 35002
You torture my soul1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone1960Charly LP 1029
You're gonna need another favor1963Vee-Jay LP 1078
You're leavin' me baby1960Riverside RLP 12-321
You're looking good tonight1960Vee-Jay LP 1033
You're mellow1964Dynasty LP 7301
You're nice and kind to me Lou Della1962Fantasy LP 24706
You're so fine1976Ornament LP 7-104
You're wrong1965Impulse LP 9103
You've got another man (Alt. Take)1950Greene Bottle LP 3130
You've got to walk yourself1963Vee-Jay LP 1078
You've taken my woman1958Vee-Jay 293
Younger stud1971ABC LP 768
Your baby ain't sweet like mine1964Vee-Jay 670
Your love (just a little bit)1971BluesWay LP 6052