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Jack o' diamonds1951Flyright CD 57
Jackson, Tennessee1959Riverside RLP 008
Jailhouse blues1951Unissued
Jealous1980/1981Pausa PR 7197
Jelly jelly1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
Jesse James1976Labor 4
John Henry1951Flyright CD 57
John Henry1951Unissued
John L's house rent boogie1950Modern 20-814
John L's house rent boogie (Alt. Take)1950DCC DCL 042
John L's house rent boogie (Alt. Take)1950Ace JLHBOX 019
John Lee's house rent boogie1950Modern 20-814
Johnny Lee and the thing1961Galaxy LP 201
Johnny Lee's mood (Version 2)1951United Artists LP 5512
Johnny Lee's original boogie (Alt. Take)1948United Artists LP 127
Johnny says come back1951Modern 847
Juke bug1952Fortune LP 3002
Jump chillun (Take 4)1950Greene Bottle LP 3130
Jump me (one more time)1954Modern 931
Just can't hold out no longer1966Unissued
Just like a woman1950Regal 3304
Just like a woman blues1948Savoy LP 2255
Just me and my telephone1951Chess LP 1454
Just out of Louisiana1972Gitanes 517 514-2
Just you and me1970Liberty LP 35002
Katie Mae1972Gitanes 517 514-2
Keep your hands to yourself1961Vee-Jay 453
Key to the highway1952Modern 886
Key to the highway (Alt. Take)1952DCC DZS 042
Key to the highway1959Riverside RLP 008
Kick hit 4 hit kix u1970ABC 11298
Kiddio1994Pointblank 8 40107 2
King of the world1965Fontana LP 681529
King of the world1971ABC LP 768
King snake1977Tomato LP 2696141
Landing blues1948Savoy 5558
Late last night (Take 3)1949King 4366
Lay down little dreamer1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
Lead me1966MCA CD 9329
Lead me on1957Vee-Jay 265
Leave my wife alone1951Chess 1467
Leavin' Chicago1948Krazy Kat KK 200
Left my wife and my baby1961Galaxy LP 201
Let your daddy ride1950Sensation 30
Let your daddy ride (Alt. Take)1950Modern 20-790
Let's get it1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
Let's go out tonight1966Chess 1965
Let's make it1961Vee-Jay LP 1043
Let's make it1962Brunswick 009012
Let's make it1963Vee-Jay LP 1078
Let's make it1970Liberty LP 35002
Let's make it baby1962Brunswick 009012
Let's talk it over1950Modern 20-790
Let's talk it over1951Modern 935
Let's talk it over (one more time)1951Modern 935
Let's think it over1950Modern 20-790
Letter to my baby1971ABC LP 736
Lights out1971Blue Thumb BTS 6004
Like a woman1948Savoy LP 2255
Little boy blue1951Gotham 513
Little dreamer1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
Little fine woman1957DJM DJD 28026
Little girl1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
Little girl1977Tomato LP 7009
Little girl go back to school1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
Little girl go back to school1978Lunar#2 Recordings L2S-2008
Little Miss Blues1996Blue Rock It BRCD 125
Little rain1969Black And Blue LP 333023
Little wheel1957Vee-Jay 255
Little Wheel1987Ruff 1066
Locked up in jail1954Specialty LP 5013
Lonely blues1956Unissued
Lonely boy boogie1952Chess LP 1454
Lonely man1992Shout! Factory 8 26663 10328
Lonesome mood1969BluesWay LP 6038
Long, long way from home (Alt. Take)1948United Artists LP 127
Look at the rain1971BluesWay LP 6052
Lookin' for a woman1952Modern 978
Looking back over my day1969Carson LP 3662
Looking for my baby1951Unissued
Looking for romance1951Kent LP 9006
Looking for romance (Alt. Take)1951United Artists LP 5512
Lord taketh my baby away1950Sensation 33
Lord what more can I do (Alt. Take)1950United Artists LP 127
Losing you1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
Lost a good girl1961Vee-Jay LP 1043
Lost my job1961Galaxy LP 201
Lou Della1958Instant CD INS 5009
Loudella1958Instant CD INS 5009
Louise1951Chess 1482
Louise1977Tomato LP 7009
Louisiana blues for you1961Galaxy LP 201
Louisiana voo doo1961Galaxy LP 201
Love affair1969Black And Blue LP 333023
Love blues1952Chess LP 1438
Love is a burning thing1963Vee-Jay LP 1066
Love me all the time1958Charly LP 1029
Love money can't buy1953Modern 908
Love my baby1953Atco LP 151
Love you baby1954Fortune 853
Lovin' guitar man (Take 1)1953Rockin' 524
Loving people1991Eagle Records ER 20023-2
Loving people1993Silvertone Records 74321 13949 2
Low down boogie1949Krazy Kat KK 200
Low down midnight boogie1948Savoy 5558
Low down-midnite boogie1948Savoy 5558
Lucille1972ABC LP 761
Mabel1990Columbia CK 46083
Mabel1990Eagle Records 0895534
Mabel1996Blue Rock It BRCD 125
Mad boogie1948Regent 1001
Mad man blues1950Gone
Mad man blues1996-2001Eagle Records ER 20023-2
Mad with you baby1961Galaxy LP 201
Mai Lee1964Planet 114
Make it funky1974ABC LP 838
Making a fool out of me1951Krazy Kat KK 816
Mama killed a chicken1976Tomato CD 2696602
Mama you got a daughter1958DJM DJD 28026
Mama you got a daughter1958Vee-Jay NVD2-713
Mama you've got a daughter1958DJM DJD 28026
Mama you've got a daughter1958Vee-Jay NVD2-713
Mambo children1955Vee-Jay 164
Mambo chillun1955Vee-Jay 164
Mary Lee1964Planet 114
Matchbox1962Fantasy LP 24706
Maudie1959Vee-Jay 308
Maudie1960Charly CD DIG 5
Maudie1960Vanguard VRS-9083
Me and a woman (Alt. Take)1951United Artists LP 127
Me and my phone1951Chess LP 1454
Mean mean woman1968BluesWay 61023
Mean mean world1993Eagle Records ER 20023-2
Mean mistreatin'1961Muse LP 5205
Mean old snake1957Top Rank RES 136
Mean old train1950United Artists LP 127
Mean old train (Take 1)1951Gotham 515
Mean woman1969America Records 30 AM 6101
Meat shakes on her bone1961Craft Recordings CR00015
Meet me in the bottom1970Liberty LP 35002
Mercy blues1948Krazy Kat KK 200
Messin' 'round with the blues1969MCA MCAD-10760
Messin' with the Hook1970Liberty LP 35002
Mini skirts1968BluesWay LP 6023
Miniskirts and make-up1993Blue Rock It BRCD 115
Misbelieving baby1953Atco LP 151
Misbelieving baby (Take 1)1953Chart 614
Miss Eloise1949Sensation 34
Miss Eloise, Miss Eloise1949Sensation 34
Miss Lorraine1949Chance 1108
Miss Lorraine version 11949Krazy Kat KK 200
Miss Pearl boogie1949Krazy Kat KK 200
Miss Rosie Mae1949Prize 704
Miss Rosie Mae (Alt. Take)1949Krazy Kat KK 200
Miss Sadie Mae1949Sensation 21
Miss Sadie Mae1949Fortune 846
Miss Sassy Mae1948Krazy Kat KK 200
Moanin'1990Antilles 422-846813-2
Moanin' and stompin' blues (Take 2)1949King 4377
Moanin' blues1960Charly LP 1029
Moaning blues (Take 2)1949King 4377
Mojo hand1961Galaxy LP 201
Momma poppa boogie1949Specialty LP 2125
Money1965Impulse 242
Money (That's what I want)1960Riverside RLP 12-321
Money (That's what I want)1962Fantasy LP 24706
Moon is rising1950United Artists LP 5512
Moon is rising (Alt. Take)1950Ace JLHBOX 019
Morning blues1949Acorn 308
Moses smote the water1951Flyright CD 57
Movin' on down the line1951Kent LP 9006
Mr. Lucky1967BluesWay 61014
Mr. Lucky1990Pointblank 91724-2
Murder1990Antilles 422-846813-2
Must I wait till your man is gone1949Krazy Kat KK 200
Mustang and GTO1966MCA CD 9329
Mustang Sally & GTO1966MCA CD 9329
My babe1962Fantasy LP 24706
My baby don't love me1953DeLuxe 6046
My baby got's somethin'1950Sensation 33
My baby left me1953Collectables COL CD 2877
My baby put me down1953Atco LP 151
My baby put me down (Take 1)1953Chart 614
My baby she's long and tall (Alt. Take)1949United Artists LP 127
My baby's got something1950Sensation 33
My best friend1971BluesWay LP 6052
My cryin' days are over1961Muse LP 5205
My daddy was a jockey1951Gotham 513
My dream1989Chameleon D2-74808
My first wife left me1960Vee-Jay LP 1033
My grinding mill1963Vee-Jay LP 1066
My heart in memory1960Unissued
My heart's in misery1960Unissued
My hometown1986Blue Rock It BR 107
My love comes down for you1961Stax LP 2013
My mother-in-law moved in1961Galaxy LP 201
My name is ringing1969America Records 30 AM 6101
My own blues1967BluesWay LP 6012
My own boogie (Alt. Take)1949Greene Bottle LP 3130
My own fault1960Charly CD DIG 5
Natchez fire1959Riverside RLP 008
Need somebody1953Modern 916
Need your love so bad1962Excello LP 8029
Never get out of these blues alive1969Jazz Odyssey LP 014
Never get out of these blues alive1971ABC LP 736
Never get out of these blues alive1992Viceroots 36245-422
Never satisfied1950Regal 3304
Never satisfied (Alt. Take)1950United Artists LP 127
Never satisfied (Alt. Take)1950Ace JLHBOX 019
New boogie1952Chess LP 1454
New boogie chillen' (Edited Version)1948Modern 893
New Sally Mae1964Dynasty LP 7301
Night time is the right time1962Fantasy LP 24706
Nightmare1958Charly LP 1029
Nightmare blues1949King 4323
Ninety days1980/1981Pausa PR 7197
Ninety days - reprise1980/1981Pausa PR 7197
No friend around1949Modern 20-746
No more doggin'1953JVB 30
No more doggin'1954Ace CDCHD 474
No more doggin'1960Riverside RLP 12-321
No more doggin', foolin' around with you1966Unissued
No more foolin'1954Ace CDCHD 474
No mortage on my soul1950United Artists LP 127
No one pleases me but you1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
No one told me1962Vee-Jay LP 1058
No place to stay1950Regal 3304
No shoes1960Vee-Jay 349
No substitute1989Chameleon D2-74808
Nobody else but you1981Rhino RNLP 801
Nobody knows1966MCA CD 9329
Nobody to talk to me1950United Artists LP 127
Nothin' but trouble1954Specialty LP 2149
Nothing but trouble1957Vee-Jay 255
Notoriety woman1950Regal 3304
Notoriety woman (Alt. Take)1950United Artists LP 5512
Notoriety woman1960Vee-Jay LP 1023
Numbers blues1948Greene Bottle LP 3130
Numbers blues (Alt. Take)1948Ace CDCHD 799