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Half a stranger1954Modern 948
Half a stranger1963Vee-Jay LP 1066
Hard headed woman1961Vee-Jay LP 1033
Hard hearted woman1961Vee-Jay LP 1033
Hard luck blues1949Unissued
Hard times1973Carlton Sounds 30360 00962
Harry and Dolly1990Antilles 422-846813-2
Harry sets up sutton1990Antilles 422-846813-2
Harry's philosophy1990Antilles 422-846813-2
Hastings Street boogie (Alt. Take)1949Specialty LP 2127
Have mercy on my soul1969BluesWay LP 6038
Have mercy on poor me1960Fortune LP 3012
He got assassinated1961Galaxy LP 201
Heart trouble blues1949King 4329
Heartaches and misery1966BluesWay LP 6002
Hello baby (Alt. Take)1950Greene Bottle LP 3130
Hello baby1950Modern 20-814
Helpless blues1948Regent 1001
Henry's Swing Club (Alt. Take)1948Specialty LP 2127
Hey babe1971Cleopatra CLP 2103
Hey baby1952Chess LP 1454
Hey boogie1950Gone
Hey hey1977Tomato LP 7009
Hey, baby you look good to me1969America Records 30 AM 6101
Hey, s' the house rent boogie (Alt. Take)1950DCC DCL 042
Hi heel sneakers1969Black And Blue CD 59.023 2
Hi-Heel sneakers1983Craft Recordings CR00015
Hi-heel sneakers1983Eagle Records 0895534
High heels1993Blue Rock It BRCD 115
High priced woman1951Chess 1505
Highway 131991Pointblank 91724-2
Highway blues1948Krazy Kat KK 200
Highway blues 1948Specialty LP 2127
Highway blues1949Prize 704
Hit the floor1971BluesWay LP 6052
Hit the road1971ABC LP 736
Hittin' the bottle again1987Pointblank 7 86553 2
Hobo1976Tomato CD 2696602
Hobo blues1948Modern 20-663
Hobo blues (Alt. Take)1948United Artists LP 127
Hobo blues1959Vee-Jay 331
Hobo blues1960Vee-Jay LP 1033
Hobo blues1973Carlton Sounds 30360 00962
Hobo blues1976Tomato CD 2696602
Hobo blues1979L'Escargot LP 398
Hold it1971BluesWay LP 6052
Hold on baby1969MCA MCAD-10760
Homework1974ABC LP 838
Homework1992Pointblank 8 90068 2
Hoogie boogie1949Modern 20-663
Hoogie boogie (Alt. Take)1949Specialty LP 2127
Hoogie boogie (Alt. Take)1949Greene Bottle LP 3130
Hoogie boogie (Alt. Take)1949United Artists LP 127
Hook's boogie1953Atco LP 151
Hooker's shuffle1973Carlton Sounds 30360 00962
Hot spring water Pt. 11967BluesWay LP 6012
Hot spring water Pt. 21967BluesWay LP 6012
House rent blues1966MCA CD 9329
House rent boogie1950Staff 710
House rent boogie1950Modern 20-814
House rent boogie1958Charly LP 1004
House rent boogie1970ABC LP 720
How can you do it1951Modern 835
How can you do it (Undubbed Version)1951Greene Bottle LP 3130
How can you do it1959Riverside RLP 008
How can you do it1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
How long1961Muse LP 5205
How long blues1951Flyright CD 57
How long blues1959Riverside RLP 12-838
How long can this go on1961Galaxy LP 201
How long must I be your slave1951Krazy Kat KK 816
How many more years1961Muse LP 5205
How many more years you gonna dog me 'round1971ABC LP 768
Howlin' wolf1948Modern 20-730
Huckle up baby1949Sensation 26
Hug and squeeze1954Modern 966
Hug and squeeze you1954Modern 966
Hummin' the blues1949Modern 20-688
I ain't gonna suffer no more1992Pointblank 7 86553 2
I ain't got nobody1953Atco LP 151
I ain't got nobody (Take 1)1953Rockin' 524
I am the boogie man1986Blue Rock It BR 106
I been dealin' with the devil1962Fantasy LP 24706
I been done so wrong (1)1954Ace CDCHD 474
I been done so wrong (2)1954Specialty LP 5013
I believe I'll go back home1960Riverside RLP 12-321
I believe I'll lose my mind1961Muse LP 5205
I bought you a brand new home1961Muse LP 5205
I came to see you baby1953DeLuxe 6009
I can't believe1960Vee-Jay LP 1023
I can't hold on1962Galaxy LP 8205
I can't hold on1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
I can't quit you baby1966MCA CD 9329
I can't quit you now blues1963Vee-Jay LP 1078
I can't stand to leave you baby1967BluesWay LP 6012
I come to you baby1952United Artists LP 127
I cover the waterfront1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
I cover the waterfront1990Pointblank 91724-2
I cried the whole night long1950Modern 20-767
I did everything (Alt. Take)1951United Artists LP 127
I didn't get married to your two-timing mother1970ABC LP 720
I didn't know1980/1981Pausa PR 7197
I didn't know1983Eagle Records 0895534
I do like I please1954Specialty LP 5013
I don't be welcome here (Alt. Take)1951United Artists LP 127
I don't care when you go1969BluesWay LP 6038
I don't need no steam heat1970ABC LP 720
I don't wanna go to Vietnam1968BluesWay 61023
I don't want no trouble1966BluesWay LP 6002
I don't want no woman if her hair ain't longer than mine1959Riverside RLP 008
I don't want nobody else1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
I don't want your money1952Chess LP 1454
I eat heavy metal1989Virgin CDV 2592
I feel good1969Carson C-1662
I got a good 'un1970ABC LP 720
I got a letter this morning1961Vee-Jay LP 1043
I got drunk1952Greene Bottle LP 3130
I got drunk1952Greene Bottle LP 3130
I got drunk1952Modern 862
I got eyes for you1952Modern 876
I got eyes for you (Alt. Take)1952Ace CDCHD 799
I got my eyes on you1970Liberty LP 35002
I got the key1952Modern 886
I got the key to the highway1962Fantasy LP 24706
I gotta be comin' back (Take 3 ??)1950Sensation 34
I gotta go to Vietnam1969MCA MCAD-10760
I had a dream (Alt. Take)1949United Artists LP 127
I had a dream last night1969Black And Blue LP 333023
I had a friend1963Unissued
I had a good girl1954Specialty LP 2117
I hate the day I was born1973Carlton Sounds 30360 00962
I just can't hold on much longer1962Galaxy LP 8205
I just don't know1961Stax LP 2013
I keep the blues1954Ace CDCHD 474
I left my baby1961Charly LP 1081
I like to see you walk1960Vee-Jay LP 1033
I like to see you walk1962Galaxy LP 8205
I lost a good girl1961Vee-Jay LP 1043
I lost everything1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
I lost my job1961Galaxy LP 201
I love her1962Vee-Jay LP 1058
I love no one but my baby1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
I love to boogie1949Chance 1110
I love to boogie (Alt. Take)1949Krazy Kat KK 200
I love to see you walking1962Galaxy LP 8205
I love ya baby1954Crown LP 5232
I love you baby1954Crown LP 5232
I love you baby1954Ace CDCHD 474
I love you honey1958Vee-Jay 293
I love you honey1996Pointblank 8 42771 2
I met the grinder man (Alt. Take)1950United Artists LP 127
I met the grindin' man (Alt. Take)1950United Artists LP 127
I miss you so1976Labor 4
I need love so bad1954Crown LP 5353
I need love so bad1954Specialty LP 2149
I need some lovin'1951Specialty LP 2125
I need some money1960Riverside RLP 12-321
I need some money1962Fantasy LP 24706
I need you1961Guest Star LP 1902
I never get out of these blues alive2001Ruff 1066
I put my trust in you1966Chess LP 1508
I rolled and turned and cried the whole night long1959Riverside RLP 008
I rowed a little boat1959Riverside RLP 12-838
I rule my den (Alt. Take)1948United Artists LP 127
I see you when you're weak1957Vee-Jay 245
I see you when you're weak (Alt. Take)1957DJM DJD 28026
I should have known1994Nile Lotus Productions
I still love you1966Unissued
I tried1948Modern 893
I tried hard1952Modern 935
I wanna be your puppy, baby1969BluesWay LP 6038
I wanna bugaloo1968BluesWay LP 6023
I wanna dance all night1969America Records 30 AM 6101
I wanna walk1960Charly CD DIG 5
I wanna walk1960Vee-Jay LP 1023
I wanna' ramble1969Black And Blue CD 59.023 2
I want to get married1962Fantasy LP 24706
I want to hug you1963Vee-Jay LP 1066
I want to hug you1991Pointblank 91724-2
I want to ramble1963Vee-Jay LP 1066
I want to shout1963Vee-Jay LP 1066
I want to talk1960Vee-Jay LP 1023
I want to talk about you1960Riverside RLP 12-321
I want to talk to you1960Riverside RLP 12-321
I want you to roll me1977Tomato LP 7009
I was beggin' my baby1949Modern 20-746
I was standing by the wayside1962Galaxy LP 8205
I will get out of these blues alive1979L'Escargot LP 398
I wish you could change your ways1976Tomato CD 2696602
I wish you were here1960Charly CD DIG 5
I won't be back no more1976Tomato CD 2696602
I wonder1951Flyright CD 57
I wonder1951Unissued
I wonder little darling1954Modern 931
I wonder why1971BluesWay LP 6052
I work for her everyday (Undubbed Version)1951Greene Bottle LP 3130
I'll know tonight1960Vee-Jay LP 1023
I'll never get out of these blues alive1966BluesWay LP 6002
I'll never get out of these blues alive1976Labor 4
I'll never get out of these blues alive1978Lunar#2 Recordings L2S-2008
I'll never trust your love again1966Chess LP 1508
I'm a boogie man1953DeLuxe 6009
I'm a stranger1960Vee-Jay LP 1023
I'm bad like Jesse James1966BluesWay LP 6002
I'm bad like Jesse James1978Lunar#2 Recordings L2S-2008
I'm bad like Jesse James1992Pointblank 7 86553 2
I'm going away (Alt. Take)1951United Artists LP 127
I'm going home1958Charly CR RED 6
I'm going upstairs1961Vee-Jay 379
I'm going upstairs1969Black And Blue CD 59.023 2
I'm gonna git me a woman1951Kent LP 9006
I'm gonna keep on walking1962Galaxy LP 8205
I'm gonna kill that woman1949King 4323
I'm gonna love you1958Unissued
I'm gonna whip ya baby1961Galaxy LP 201
I'm in the mood (Version 1)1951Modern 835
I'm in the mood (Version 2)1951United Artists LP 5512
I'm in the mood (Version 3)1951United Artists LP 127
I'm in the mood (Version 4)1951DCC DZS 042
I'm in the mood (Version 5)1951Ace CDCHD 799
I'm in the mood (Version 6)1951Ace JLHBOX 019
I'm in the mood1959Vee-Jay 308
I'm in the mood1966Chess 1965
I'm in the mood1988Chameleon D2-74808
I'm in the mood1990Rhino CD R2 70572
I'm in the mood1990Eagle Records 0895534
I'm jealous1983Eagle Records 0895534
I'm just a drifter1968BluesWay LP 6023
I'm leaving1963Vee-Jay 538
I'm leaving baby1963Vee-Jay 538
I'm losin' you1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
I'm mad1954Specialty 528
I'm mad again1961Vee-Jay 379
I'm prison bound1959Riverside RLP 12-838
I'm ready1954Modern 978
I'm runnin' on1966Unissued
I'm so excited1957Vee-Jay 245
I'm so worried baby1956Vee-Jay 233
I'm so worried baby (Alt. Take)1956DJM DJD 28026
I'm so worried baby1969Black And Blue CD 59.023 2
I'm standing in line1967BluesWay LP 6012
I'm wanderin'1960Riverside RLP 12-321
I've got a letter1961Vee-Jay LP 1043
I’m the boogie man1953DeLuxe 6009
If you got a dollar1971BluesWay LP 6052
If you need my lovin' baby (Alt. Take)1950Greene Bottle LP 3130
If you never been in love1995Pointblank 8 40107 2
If you take care of me, I'll take care of you1969BluesWay LP 6038
If you take care of me, I'll take care of you1983Eagle Records 0895534
In my father's house1949Unissued
In the evenin' when the sun goes down1951Flyright CD 57
In the mood1966Chess 1965
It hurts me so1952Modern 876
It hurts me so (Alt. Take)1952Ace JLHBOX 019
It serve you right1965Impulse LP 9103
It serve you right to suffer1964Vee-Jay 708
It serve you right to suffer1965Impulse LP 9103
It serves me right1964Vee-Jay 708
It serves me right to suffer1964Vee-Jay 708
It serves me right to suffer1968Unissued
It serves me right to suffer1977Just A Memory RSC 0001
It serves me right to suffer1983Craft Recordings CR00015
It serves me right to suffer1983Eagle Records 0895534
It serves me right to suffer1990Eagle Records 0895534
It serves me right to suffer1996-2001Eagle Records ER 20023-2
It serves you right to suffer1965Impulse LP 9103
It serves you right to suffer1976Ornament LP 7-104
It serves you right to suffer1978Lunar#2 Recordings L2S-2008
It's a crazy mixed up world1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
It's a crazy mixed up world woman1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
It's a crime and a shame1950Modern 20-767
It's a sin to be rich, it's a low-down shame to be poor1972Gitanes 517 514-2
It's all right1970EMI 8 29165 2
It's been a long time baby1952Modern 897
It's my own fault1952Chess 1562
It's my own fault (Overdubbed)1952Fortune LP 3002
It's my own fault darling1952Chess 1562
It's raining here1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
It's stormin' and rainin'1952Modern 901
It's time for lovin' to be done1952RPM 367
It's you I love, baby1962Galaxy LP 8205