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Odds against me1954Specialty LP 5013
Old blind Barnabus1951Flyright CD 57
Old time shimmy1962Vee-Jay LP 1058
One bourbon, one scotch and one beer1966BluesWay LP 6002
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer1966Chess LP 1508
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer1974ABC LP 838
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer1976Labor 4
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer1977Tomato LP 2696141
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer1977Just A Memory RSC 0001
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer1983Craft Recordings CR00015
One bourbon, one scotch, one beer1995Pointblank 8 40107 2
One more time1950Modern 20-790
One of these days1960Riverside RLP 12-321
One room country shack1968BluesWay LP 6023
One room country shack1977Just A Memory RSC 0001
One room country shack1977Tomato LP 7009
One way ticket1963Vee-Jay LP 1066
Onions1962Vee-Jay LP 1058
Out the door I went1950Modern 20-814
Over the top1989Virgin CDV 2592
Pea vine special1959Riverside RLP 12-838
Peace lovin' man1966Chess LP 1508
Peavine1970Liberty LP 35002
People don't care1994Nile Lotus Productions
Playin' the numbers (Alt. Take)1948Ace CDCHD 799
Playin' the races1949Modern 20-730
Playin' the races (Alt. Take)1949United Artists LP 127
Please don't go1952Chess LP 1454
Please don't go1961Guest Star LP 1902
Please have mercy1950Greene Bottle LP 3130
Please say you're mine1953Unissued
Please take me back1953Modern 908
Poor Joe1948King LP 885
Poor me1963Vee-Jay LP 1066
Poor Slim (Take 1)1948Krazy Kat KK 200
Poor Slim (Take 2)1948Krazy Kat KK 200
Pots on, gas on high1970ABC LP 720
Pouring down rain (Take 1)1953Rockin' 525
Prison blues1954Specialty LP 5013
Prison bound1950/51Staff 718
Process1961Vee-Jay LP 1043
Put your hand on me1976Relix LP 2005
Put your hand on your hip1976Tomato CD 2696602
Queen bee1950Modern 20-814
Questionnaire blues1951Gotham 509
Rabbit on the log1951Flyright CD 57
Rainy day1996Pointblank 8 42771 2
Ramblin' by myself1951Chess 1467
Reach my goal1951Kent LP 9006
Reach my goal (Alt. Take)1951United Artists LP 127
Real gone gal1951Gotham 509
Real real gone (Take 1)1953DeLuxe 6046
Reconsideration blues1975The Great American Music Company 085 350 063 4
Red house1989RCD 1
Red house (Alt. Take)1989Eagle Records EAGCD 228
Red house1996Pointblank 8 42771 2
Rhythm No 21949Modern 20-663
Ride 'till I die1952Modern 901
Risin' sun1961Galaxy LP 201
Road trouble1949Chance 1122
Roadhouse blues2000Elektra 7559-62475-2
Rock house boogie1952Modern 897
Rock me mama (Take 1)1952Greene Bottle LP 3130
Rock me mama (Take 2)1952Greene Bottle LP 3130
Rock me mama (Take 3)1952Modern 862
Rock steady1977Tomato LP 7009
Rock steady1977Just In Time Records JAM 9166-1
Rock these blues away1991Eagle Records ER 20023-2
Rock with me1973Carlton Sounds 30360 00962
Rockin' chair1987Chameleon D2-74808
Rocks1948Krazy Kat KK 200
Roll 'n' roll1950Modern 20-767
Roll 'n' roll (Alt. Take)1950United Artists LP 5512
Roll 'n' roll (Alt. Take)1950Specialty LP 2125
Roll 'n' roll (Alt. Take)1950Ace JLHBOX 019
Roll and tumble1969Carson LP 3662
Roll me baby1949Krazy Kat KK 200
Roll your daddy right1978Lunar#2 Recordings L2S-2008
Rollin' blues (Alt. Take)1950Specialty LP 2125
Rosie Mae1957Vee-Jay 255
Run on1960Vee-Jay LP 1023
Run on1962Galaxy LP 8205
Run on babe1962Galaxy LP 8205
Sad and lonesome1961Muse LP 5205
Sadie Mae1960Charly LP 1029
Sadie Mae1963Charly CR RED 6
Sail on little girl1949Specialty LP 2127
Sail on little girl sail on 1949Specialty LP 2127
Sailing blues1949Specialty LP 2125
Sallie Mae1948Modern 20-627
Sally Mae1948Modern 20-627
Sally Mae (Alt. Take)1948Crown LP 5157
Sally Mae1960Charly LP 1029
Sally Mae1973Carlton Sounds 30360 00962
Sally Mae1989Chameleon D2-74808
Sally May1948Modern 20-627
Sally May (Alt. Take)1948Crown LP 5157
Same old blues again1991Pointblank 7 86553 2
San Francisco1962Vee-Jay 493
Sawmill1990Antilles 422-846813-2
See, see baby (Alt. Take)1948Greene Bottle LP 3130
Send me your pillow1962Vee-Jay 575
Send me your pillow1970Liberty LP 35002
Send me your pillow1992Shout! Factory 8 26663 10437
Sentimental journey1952Chess LP 1454
Serve me right to suffer1972ABC LP 761
Serve me right to suffer1990Unissued
Serves me right1977Tomato LP 2696141
Serves me right to suffer1981Rhino RNLP 801
Serves me right to suffer / Syndicator1995Pointblank 8 40107 2
Settin' on top of the world1974ABC LP 838
Seven days1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
Seven days1966BluesWay LP 6002
Seven days and seven nights1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
Seven nights1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
Shady grove blues1948Savoy LP 2255
Shake 'n' boogie1971Cleopatra CLP 2103
Shake it baby1962Brunswick 009012
Shake it baby1965Impulse LP 9103
Shake it baby1968Unissued
Shake it down1996Blue Rock It BRCD 125
Shake it up and go1961Galaxy LP 201
Shake it up, baby1965Impulse LP 9103
Shake your boogie1948African Folk Society LP 3428
Shake, holler and run1954Modern 948
Shakin' all over/Gloria1993Polydor 521290-2
She ain't good for nothin'1948Greene Bottle LP 3130
She do the shimmy1961Guest Star LP 1902
She got me down1962Vee-Jay LP 1058
She left me1948United Artists LP 5512
She left me1949Modern 20-746
She left me by myself1950United Artists LP 127
She left me on my bended knee1949Modern 20-746
She left me on my bended knee1976Tomato CD 2696602
She left me one Wednesday1964Charly LP 1029
She loves my best friend1960Charly CR RED 6
She quit me1961Galaxy LP 201
She shot me down1962Vee-Jay LP 1058
She was in Chicago1948United Artists LP 5512
She was in Chicago (Alt. Take)1948Greene Bottle LP 3130
She weeps like a willow tree1966Unissued
She's gone1977Tomato LP 7009
She's gone1983Craft Recordings CR00015
She's long, she's tall1964Dynasty LP 7301
She's long, she's tall, she weeps like a willow tree1959Riverside RLP 12-838
She's long, she's tall, she weeps like a willow tree1966BluesWay LP 6002
She's mine1961Vee-Jay 453
She's real gone1951Flyright CD 57
Should've been gone1969Carson LP 3662
Should've been gone1973Carlton Sounds 30360 00962
Sinner's prayer1962Fantasy FCD-7714-2
Sittin' and thinkin'1949Unissued
Sittin' here thinkin1970Liberty LP 35002
Sittin' here thinkin'1961Muse LP 5205
Sittin' here thinkin'1969Black And Blue CD 59.023 2
Sittin' in my dark room1970ABC LP 720
Six little puppies and twelve shaggy hounds1951Flyright CD 57
Six o'nine boogie1949Pointblank Classic 8 40116 2
Six page letter1996-2001Eagle Records ER 20023-2
Slappin’ the boogie1949Chance 1108
Sleepy blues1953Atco LP 151
Slim's stomp1949King 4329
Slow and easy1961Stax 0053
Slow down your chatter1950Sensation 30
Slow drag1985Qwest LP 2-25356-1
Smokestack lightnin'1959Riverside RLP 008
Snap them fingers boogie (Alt. Take)1949United Artists LP 127
Solid sender1960Vee-Jay 349
Some people1976Tomato CD 2696602
Somebody's watching1998Eagle Records EAGCD 077
Someone to love (Take 1)1952United Artists LP 127
Someone to love (Take 2)1952United Artists LP 127
Sometime1949United Artists LP 127
Sometime baby you make me feel so bad1963Vee-Jay LP 1078
Sometimes I wonder1965Unissued
Sometimes you make me feel so bad1963Vee-Jay LP 1078
Somewhere down the line1960Decca LK 4664
Spellbound1993Blue Rock It BRCD 115
Spellbound1996Pointblank 8 42771 2
Spoken interlude1951Flyright CD 57
Squeeze me baby1951Krazy Kat KK 816
Stand by1969Carson LP 3662
Stand by me baby1961Guest Star LP 1902
Standin' at the crossroads1970ABC LP 720
Stella Mae1966Chess LP 1508
Stomp boogie1948King 4283
Stop baby, don't hold me that way1963Vee-Jay LP 1078
Stop jivin' me1996-2001Eagle Records ER 20023-2
Stop now1955Vee-Jay 265
Stop talking1956DJM DJD 28026
Storming on the deep blue sea1964Verve-Folkways LP 3003
Streets is filled with women (Alt. Take)1951United Artists LP 5512
Strike blues ( )1950Specialty LP 2127
Strike blues (Alt. Take)1950United Artists LP 127
Strike blues (Alt. Take)1950United Artists LP 5512
Stripped me naked1991Pointblank 91724-2
Stuttering blues (Take 1)1953Rockin' 525
Sugar mama1952Chess 1513
Sugar mama1965Impulse LP 9103
Sugar mama1977Tomato LP 7009
Sugar mama1992Pointblank 7 86553 2
Sunny land1960Vee-Jay LP 1023
Sure thing2000Blue Note 7243 5 25114 2 6
Susie1991Pointblank 91724-2
Syndicate1954Modern 966